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Canberra Times

The Paper

Determination, focus and passion are the driving forces behind everything we do whether it is covering breaking news, bringing buyers and sellers together in our classifieds, supporting community initiatives or just keeping people in touch with the latest restaurants, movies, music and entertainment. The Canberra Times is well-known for its excellence in news coverage, community involvement and innovative advertising publications. With a long history informing and supporting the Canberra region, The Canberra Times has a strong reputation for providing great exposure for events and business ventures. Our features and special publications are hailed for their creative articles, easy readability and great designs. The Canberra Times is produced as a broadsheet daily newspaper Monday through Saturday and The Sunday Canberra Times is presented as a tabloid publication. Through the week, The Canberra Times offers our readers and advertisers in-depth reporting and articles on news, classifieds, property, motoring, lifestyle and entertainment.

The Market

As the only daily newspaper in the Canberra market, we publish a range of high quality publications to satisfy the many different segments of our community. The Canberra Times boasts the regionís largest property guide, the strongest jobs guide and an informative motoring section. Food & Wine, now printed in full gloss, is loved by readers and advertisers alike. The Saturday edition carries Panorama, the regionís premier arts and entertainment publication and the Relax glossy magazine tantalises our Sunday readers with lifestyle, travel and culture.