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Goondiwindi Argus

The Paper

the "Goondi Argus" has been serving the community since the 1900's and today remains the primary source of news for the local area. The Argus has solid penetration within the township and surrounding district, and has a strong commitment to local issues and is a major supporter of community events

The Market

Goondwindi is located on the border of QLD and NSW. Pronounced "gun" rather than "goon", Goondiwindi sits at the junction of six major highways, the Cunningham, Newell, Bruxner, Barwon, Leichhardt and Gore. It is a modern and vibrant community, yet it still retains the simplicity of a traditional country town. The town boasts tree-lined streets, well kept gardens and the beautiful MacIntyre River. Agricultural production is the mainstay of the local economy. The fertile, heavy clay soils of the river valleys and generally reliable rainfall ensure a strong demand for farming and grazing land. Cotton is a major agricultural industry in the MacIntyre Valley. Goondiwindi is now one of the largest producers of wheat in the state and is home to one of the biggest wheat receival depots in the Southern hemisphere. Substantial quantities of oats, barley, sorghum, chickpeas and soybeans are also produced. Sheep and cattle are also a part of this agricultural area.