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The Transcontinental

The Paper

The Transcontinental enjoys a strong following in the Port Augusta region and endeavours to “provide something for everyone”, such as including large text type sizes and easy-to-read layouts specifically to aid the elderly. The weekly paid enjoys a high household penetration rate due to its close involvement and reporting of the issues which affect its community.

The Market

Situated at the head of the Spencer Gulf - the “Crossroads of Australia” - at the junction of the Stuart and Eyre highways which have historically contributed much to the state and national wealth, Port Augusta is the nerve centre for a huge area of the state which takes in agriculture, pastoral and tourist regions. The city boasts a constant flow of tourists and is also the location for Australia’s National Northern Regional Headquarters. Much of the 20% of the State’s electricity is generated from Port Augusta, and the city is the main service centre for the huge expanse to the north. Because of its specific position, Port Augusta also supports offices of most state and commonwealth government departments, has excellent retail facilities and a thriving service industry infrastructure.