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Burnie Advocate

The Paper

The Burnie Advocate delivers a mix of news that is relevant to readers on a local, national and international level. The newspaper also understands that readers can have a diverse range of interests and serves these by publishing sections on sport, education and entertainment to name a few. The Advocate also produces weekly, full colour lift outs on lifestyle and real estate. Total unduplicated audience per month is 154,000 across print and digital Unduplicated print readership per month is 91,000 (M-Sun Net last four weeks (L4W)) and online 74,000

The Market

Burnie is a major industrial centre with an economy that is driven by a number of undistries including shipping, mining, and agriculture to dairy, forestry and tourism. The 20,000 residents enjoy a vibrant shopping district that spills onto the beach for seafood and coffee. Burnie has surprising restaurants and cafés to linger in. It has a dynamic cultural life, galleries, performances, exhibitions and community events. Fantastic food is made in Burnie like whisky and cheese. The best milk in the world for cheese making is produced in the area. There are well stocked delis to tempt you with gourmet treats. Burnie’s hills hide impressive gardens and parks, and it is surrounded by beautiful beaches, sparkling water and fresh air. In some areas people live in perfect art deco or federation homes and public spaces featuring buildings by contemporary Tasmanian architects and designers. But there is no escaping the presence of a busy container port, the rail hub or the factory framework lining the highway around Emu Bay on the eastern approach to Burnie. A factory which evolved over 75 years manufacturing high volumes of paper for world markets. The average age of our readers is 50 54% of our readers are female and 46% male 39.2% of our readers are 45-65 and 26% are over 65. These are the largest age segments, so 65.2% of our readers are 45 or older (common with The Examiner) Average household income of our readers is $63,947 38.9% of our readers are homeowners, 33.8% are a mortgagee 35.2% of our readers work full time and 39.6% do not work 23.9% of readers are retired. The Advocate readers are 6% more likely to be retired than other Tasmanian. 13.3% (9,963) of readers are looking to buy a car in the next 12 months - 12% more likely than other Tasmanians 12% (9,012) of readers are looking to buy property in the next 12 months