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Education Supplements

Our Education and Careers supplements give complete border to border coverage across NSW in one easy step. These supplements offer a comprehensive focus on schooling, education and careers.

Similarly in South Australia the bi-annual education feature circulates in 17 papers with 85,000 circulation.

Students and families are hungry for information to consider the correct education/career choice. To make the right decision the information must be available.

In today's economic climate further education and career diversification has become a necessity for people to survive in today's economy. Hence the need to develop ones skills.

By presenting your message to such an interested audience in these leading supplements, you will not only increase awareness of your organization but it will help you promote your services to those that want to know more.

Contact Belinda Symington at in NSW and Deb Wardle at in SA for further information.


Tailor your own market

This web site and those linked to it allow the clients of Rural Press Sales to quickly and easily find current information covering over 230 regional newspapers around Australia.

Target Marketing

Using the most up to date Census data enables us to profile any market in regional Austrlia and match a regional newspaper to it.

Websites Continue to Grow

The number of people visiting the Rural Press Sales website has increased twelvefold since it was established.

Holiday Travel Magazines generate results

Holidays Away Inc Sydneysider is the largest travel magazine appearing in Regional NSW.

Catalogues Newspapers vs The Letterbox

Our newspapers are the ideal vehicle to target your inserts with pinpoint accuracy and avoid the letterbox clutter.