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Tapping the potential of Regional markets

Some 7.6 million Australians live in country areas and their consumption patterns are similar to those in the city. They spend just as much in supermarkets and are big spenders for items such as electrical goods. Newspapers are also very much part of their lives. Each week, 5.7 million Australians in regional areas will read a newspaper, according to emma data.

The latest figures show regional Australia has untapped potential for advertisers across an array of goods and services. The perceived disparity of wealth and spending power between country and city, which is generally accepted in Australian society, does not emerge so strongly in the data.

Newspaper readers are much like their city cousins
Newspaper readers in regional Australia share many of the traits of their city cousins. They tend to be well above average earners, better educated and more likely to own their home outright compared to the regional Australian population. Newspaper readers in metropolitan areas also over-index on these characteristics. They are also a sociable bunch, being more likely to go to pubs.

As their spending indicates, they are like metropolitan Australians in being highly connected, with 68% saying they would feel lost without the internet, much the same as their city cousins (75%).

The data shows newspaper readers in the regions recognise they deal with less stress in their lives than those in metropolitan areas. Some 41% of readers say they rarely get irritated compared with 38% in the cities.

Many Australians love a gamble, especially around Spring Carnival time, and those in the regions are more likely to gamble (51%) than city counterparts (43%).

While newspaper readers around the country share many traits, we know from previous research by The Newspaper Works that regional newspapers play a distinct role from metro papers, with readers saying their newspaper plays the role of a trusted advocate, with its finger on the pulse of local concerns.

There’s more to the regional car market than utes
Regional markets also offer more breadth and diversity than some might first think.

Taking the car market as an example, regional Australians are 43% of all prospective car buyers, which is in line with the breakdown of the population (44% regional). The amount they plan to spend on average is the same as in metro markets ($28,000). This makes the regional car market comparable in size and value to metropolitan markets.

More regional Australians (1.0 million) are planning to buy a medium-sized car in the next year than any other type, according to emma data. There are more than three times as many prospective medium car buyers as ute/commercial vehicle buyers (302,000). Based on this data, 41% of the Australian medium car market is outside the 5 capital cities.

After medium sized cars, regional Australians are most likely to be thinking about buying an SUV (574,000). They represent half (49%) of the Australian market for SUVs.

Clearly, in this sector alone, substantial opportunity exists in investing in marketing initiatives outside of the cities, where the local newspaper plays a dominant role.

Regional car buyers are heavy newspaper readers
Advertisers can reach both medium car and SUV intenders in regional Australia through newspapers. For both car types, newspapers index highest of all media when looking at heavy consumption (equal highest with Radio when it comes to SUVs).

The emma survey measures 261 regional newspapers. In the data, agency planners and buyers will find 110 of the larger ones can be included in reach and frequency schedules alongside metro and national titles and cross-tabulated against consumer profile and product data.

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