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Online Advertising Guidelines

As a general rule, advertising creative materials:
  • should not contain strobing effects or rapid image sequences
  • must not disable form fields or other site functionality
  • must not contain program calls to another site or executable file
  • must not disable browser back buttons
  • click through must open a new browser window
  • form submission should use the GET method
  • may only contain click initiated sound
  • should be submitted for trafficking 3 business days in advance in case of standard and 5 business days prior to launch date in case of rich media content

Please note that ads within the Fairfax Digital Network are served in to iframe adtags.
The majority of ads will work in this environment, however a member of the Ad Operations team will
inform you if amendments are required.

Rich media content: CPU load limitations apply Ė In contrast to file size, the complexity of drawings, gradients, slow moving animation & detailed moving elements may affect the number of calculations the CPU must action on each frame. Creatives posing unreasonable load on the end userís computer will be rejected. Such load may be caused by some of the following reasons: Animated sequences set to be translucent and animate on top of imported graphics (e.g. JPG, PNG etc.) ActionScript generated events set to randomly generate fog, rain etc. Imported graphics set to scale up over an extended period of time


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